Another Approach to a Healthy Heart

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Steps You Can Take to Avoid Heart Problems

Heart attack is the number one rated killer among men and women. Another mind blowing fact is that death by heart attack beats the next top five causes of death combined. A larger portion of the population on earth is estimated to have one or more forms of cardiovascular diseases than not. There are many ways to prevent heart disease: exercise, healthy food habits are a few of them. Another way to aid the fight against heart disease is by taking heart health supplements.

A list of heart health supplements which can lower risk of heart disease is shown below:

MagnesiumThis heart health supplement helps rectify irregular heart beat rhythm. Heart patients have been noted to have low magnesium levels.
Coenzymes – Coenzyme Q10 has been used affectively as a heart health supplement against coronary heart disease since it increases oxygen supply to the heart.
Vitamin E – This improves blood circulation and makes blood less viscose, making it safe from blood clots. Reduces cholesterol levels and is also a good antioxidant.
Vitamin C – It keeps the blood from clotting inside arteries and protects arteries.
Selenium – Another of the heart health supplements which is an antioxidant.
Chromium – This raises high density lipid levels. Cholesterol being low density lipids causes heart attack.
Chinese red yeast rice extract – Controls blood cholesterol levels and ensures good blood circulation.
Alpha-linolenic acid – Found in research to cut down heart disease by one third.
Inositol hexaphosphate – Reduces cholesterol levels and blood clotting is reduced. Potassium – Maintains a good heart rhythm and lowers cholesterol levels. Chromium – Increases High density cholesterol levels.Garlic – Regulates high blood pressure and improves blood circulation.
Glucosamine – Helps form heart valves.

It has to be taken in to account that the dosages and frequency of taking these heart health supplements needs to be done with the advice of a qualified doctor. Taking these heart health supplements doesn’t mean you should stop taking medicine or use as a substitute for good food habits and exercise.