Comfort Zone Infrared Heater Review

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For quite a long time one of my friends had been appreciative of the Comfort Zone Infrared Heater and one day I decided to check for myself what’s so great about this heater. We have had a long discussion of the product and I sum of the features that really impressed me.

This friend of mine has had reasons to be happy about his possession. At the outset, it lowers your energy bills while effectively heating the surroundings. For a given area the Comfort Zone Infrared Heater uses less power than the conventional heaters. It’s not only the conventional heaters that lag far behind this heater; even the other models of similar capacity with the same technology consume about 14% more power than the Comfort Zone. This make has a rated capacity of 20.000 working hours of operation.

A very healthy feature of infra red heaters is that the temperature is evenly controlled to avoid burning of oxygen and water content present in the surrounding air. As a result, there is no loss of water content in the air around the room and humidity levels are maintained. That surely saves the users from developing a dry skin and avoids irritation in the eyes that one experiences at times on leaving a heater on for a long time. As there is no burning of any kind you breathe a better quality of air. As a matter of fact it imparts the feeling of being in a warm blanket.

The Comfort Zone, like any other infra red heating device employs a different principle of heat transfer that results to having an effective and efficient heating. It doesn’t allow the temperature to rise to the point of causing fire. So, you are able to sleep comfortably with this device on, without the fear of any fire being caused.

The Infrared Heater has many built-in features that include a fully electronic thermostat, a delayed start function and an entirely functional remote control. This combination of thermostat and remote is so well matched that you can control the room temperature even by one single degree, precisely to the level you feel most comfortable with.

Though my friend has not faced any problems with the functioning of the Comfort Zone, he feels comfortable at the back of his mind as the manufacturer has an outstanding Nationwide Service Plan.

It leaves little doubt in mind that the Comfort Zone, with its economics of effective operation and healthier breathing surroundings, coupled with zero maintenance, makes it an ideal choice for any homeowner.