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Life can feel so simple at times, but it can get complicated fast. Relationships change as children grow up and adults reach different stages in their careers. Plus, the more we learn and grow as individuals, the more our passions change. Then, as we start seeing the world differently, our priorities change. While oftentimes good, change can be incredibly terrifying because each new life stage brings new unfamiliar challenges.
Sometimes when we are in situations that seem embarrassing or unusual, we keep them to ourselves, and as we isolate, we get further immersed in the problem and can have trouble seeing solutions. The funny thing is, though, that if we had opened up and shared this experience, it is very likely someone else can relate.
Whether you are looking for a recipe for homemade deodorant or dealing with putting a parent in a nursing home, this blog is your guide to navigating some of those unusual situations in life. Even simply knowing that someone else has been in your shoes or had the same fears and ideas helps combat the feelings of anxiety. As a community, we are much stronger and more knowledgeable together than as individuals as we all make our way through life.

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