Blackout Room Darkening Curtains Window Panel Drapes

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Science has proven that darkness is an imperative factor in quality and quantity of sleep. Thus, it is no wonder that room darkening curtains are a thing amongst people who live in areas that have longer daylight than night, or simply have jobs that require them to work at nights, and allow them only to rest during the day. It is a good thing that the Blackout, Room Darkening Curtains are here.


  • Consists of 2 panels of 52 inches by 63 inches, covering an area of 104 inches by 63 inches.
  • An easy to install loop and rod pocket style
  • With 2 matching tie backs, with consistent material from front to back
  • Blocks up to 99% of sunlight
  • Filters about 60% of external noise
  • Helps reduce electricity bill by up to 25%
  • 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

The dual panel design of this blackout curtain allows its user a two-dimensional opening and draping that can be such a treat for those who crave for symmetry. This can be particularly eye-pleasing for areas like the living room where you entertain your guests. Drawing drapes to expose a bit of middle light can be sheer elegance and order. What’s more is that it comes in a standard size that can fit most windows of most homes. You need not have a vast pane to accommodate this black beauty.

Once it does get to your home, you can be sure that it will not be any trouble installing them because they come with a user-friendly and easy to install design, with both a loop and a rod pocket style of design for each panel. A bonus of two tie backs are also included. Its hems at the sides are an inch wide, while those on top and on the bottom are four inches wide.

What is also special about this curtain, and makes it worth your dime, is that is does not skimp on materials, meaning that its back is exactly the same material used as its front, making it elegant-looking in all aspects and all angles. This also means that the blackout curtain is thick enough to insulate, saving you electricity from too much heating.

This particular feature enables the blackout curtain to almost completely block out the sun by up to 99% for sounder sleep. Day sleepers, in particular, will appreciate this very important feature, giving them an ambience that is similar to night when it comes to darkness. However, that does not limit this curtain to the bedroom since it can also be used as a blackout curtain in the living room, especially if you are up to a theatre-like experience in your own home during the day, or if you want to further enjoy your Xbox without the distraction of external light.

Not only does it keep the light out, it also has the ability to keep the noise out –up to 60% of it, to be exact, making it an extra bonus for day sleepers who are sensitive to outside noise. Now, you can comfortably sleep in the mornings as your neighbourhood goes about its business, mowing lawns, delivering newspaper, playing catch with their pets and chatting with friends.

Another plus for the blackout curtain is its ability to cut your electricity costs on temperature regulation around the house, bringing you up to 25% worth of savings –now, that’s a lot! Since these curtains easily keep the heat inside during the winters and they also keep the heat outside during the summers, they now become a multi-season home necessity, cutting your electricity costs since you will not need to turn up the heater when it’s snowing outside or turn on the cooling system too high when summer arrives.

All of these benefits only aim to bring customers the satisfaction that they can only get from such a product. To add to the satisfaction guarantee, they have included a money back guarantee in the first 30 days after purchase, in case you may not have enjoyed the blackout curtain as much as it aims to please you. Its company guarantees that you get your money back, regardless of cause. That’s an outright refund with no questions asked! No more inspections and all those nitty-gritty in product return and exchange, this curtain aims only to please, so it won’t trouble you much if you ever decide to ship it back, even if the cause is that it’s just not up to your taste.


Some buyers who have experienced using the blackout curtain have reported that it offers an additional darkness to a room, thus, improving their sleep. However, some buyers think that the additional darkness is not dark enough. It might help choosing the darker colour of this curtain since it comes in a variety of shades.