An Introduction to Meditation

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What is meditation?

In modern times people often use the term to describe anything where they ‘switch off’ for a bit, such as running or gardening. But this isn’t really meditation.

Meditation a practice that has its roots in many cultures and religions. It involves training the mind to be at peace whilst also being conscious.

Why should I meditate?

Meditation helps ease stress and anxiety. It also helps your health, lowering hypertension and decreasing blood pressure. People who meditate regularly often have lower cholesterol levels.

Meditation encourages better use of oxygen within the body and helps aid sleep.

I personally find meditation has helped me deal with life better too, and become a happier person.

How to meditate

First of all, find a peaceful place to sit where you won’t be disturbed. Sit comfortably, probably with your legs crossed and with your bum raised slightly by a small cushion or folded towel. You should be both upright and relaxed. Don’t start straight away, take a bit of time just to sit before you begin.

Then either close your eyes or allow them to partially close and lose focus.

Take note of your breathing, take slower breaths and tune into how you feel.