Styling your Windows without Hurting your Wallet

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Let’s all face it, nothing good ever comes cheap these days. That most likely includes window drapes. However, that need not always be the case. There are some steps you can take to maximize the worth of each inch of fabric that you buy from a home store or custom maker’s shop.

Pick them right. It is understandably a lot cheaper to pick the right curtain and stick to it for a long time than to oddly pick one out, try your luck, and end up with a huge space in your drawer solely for curtains that just do not seem to cut it. Below are some criteria to consider in picking the right one for your windows:

The right color and texture

And by texture, we mean fabric. A good draping fabric is one that is thick and heavy enough to fall nicely, but not too thick that it does not manage to fold crisply. A clever way to test this is by holding the fabric up, even at the store, fold them over vertically at the tops and let them fall to see how well they can drape. That way, you can have an idea of how they would look falling over your windows.

In choosing which color, it is best to consider how much light your room gets since sunlight tends to fade fabrics’ colors. Lighter colors tend to fade faster so it is unwise to place lighter colored curtains in rooms that get a lot of daylight, unless you don’t mind the fading or if you plan to change curtains often, which is not very economical.

Also, while considering this rule, keep in mind the color of your walls, if you are following any color scheme in designing your home. Be purposeful in choosing a color that will not only be practical and long-lasting but also complementing your home’s overall design.

Store bought versus custom made

Obviously, store bought curtains will be a lot more affordable than their custom made peers, but there is a great advantage to having a custom made curtain. Not only will you be able to pick out the color and fabric that you want for your room, it can also be very beneficial for windows that do not follow a standard size, or if you wish to configure your curtains to meet a certain level of drama and flare, like hanging them way up above the panes. This is particularly true for custom designed architectural houses.

However, if your budget does not fit custom made curtains that still need some time and manpower to measure, fit, shop, and make, you should opt for good quality shop bought curtains that are less costly, and still get the job done despite its lack of versatility, depending on which store you are looking. Try to search for ready-made ones with great fabric that not only look and feel good but also can last and withstand some pressure.

Size, size, size

A measuring device can be very helpful in this department, but first, know the basics of curtain positioning. In case you are unaware, there are certain rules to be followed in order to properly style your windows with drapes. One is never to position your rods too close to your top pane. Allot at least six inches for this.

That goes the same when it comes to determining your rod’s length. Have at least four inches to each side, so allow some space for you to draw back your drapes without leaving some drawn fabric covering the sides of your windows.

This could also be an advantage if you do not like that extra light sneaking through the sides whenever you decide to drape the curtains to block out the sunlight when you’re trying to get that extra snooze in the mornings.

So, if you are looking to redecorate or improve your home’s interior design by changing up your curtains, consider the tips above on how to pick the right ones so as to save you the penny whilst making your home newer and more exciting.