Motorola Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

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This remote wireless video baby monitor by Motorola is a consumer favorite that’s easy to set-up and use and features a 3.5 inch LCD color monitor. When it comes to range, this video baby monitor shines, offering a better range than what you’ll find with most of the sound only style of monitors. With an average reported range of two-thousand feet, the only feature that can compete to make this model stand out more from the competition is the image quality.


Specs and Features Offered

The monitor for this Motorola device is crystal clear. This manufacturer also offers the unique ability to zoom, pan and tilt the camera around the room, thanks to the included remote control. Unlike other models of digital monitors which use a digital camera trick in order to provide a limited tilt and pan capability, the motorized tilt and pan mechanism on this model will turn around the camera’s head. This device also features a display for room temperature, the talk to baby features and it plays six lullaby songs. Located at the top of the display is a line of LED lights which will alert parents to sound detected in the baby’s room, while a column of left, right, up and down buttons located to the left of the screen will allow the user to browse the simple menu.

Consumer Complaints and Feedback

Pros: Night vision, the ability to easily adjust the camera’s angle and the other large color display on the parent unit are just a few of the reasons parents who have purchased this model highly recommend it.

Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor2Cons: One feature that some consumers were disappointed to find absent was sound activation. Sound activation is a helpful feature included with some models of video monitors and with the price point featured for this particular device most consumers felt that this feature should definitely have been included. Because the device’s sound is static free, the missing sound activation feature is less of an issue; however not being able to filter out background noise can impact the parent’s sleep.

The most complicated part of the device setup is probably placing it on a perch that can look down into the crib safely, without the cord in baby’s reach. Most user’s prefer a high wall mounting position, which will offer a more commanding view of the crib from an angle that allows the parent to view whether or not the baby’s eyes are closed or open. In order to mount the monitor in this manner you can use the mounting hole that’s located on the bottom of the device and wall board screw or nail it in order to secure the monitor. You will also need to carefully tie down the cord so that it can’t be reached by the baby from their crib as it would be a strangulation hazard.

How This Motorola Video Baby Monitor Rated With Consumers

Consumers gave this model four out of five stars for ease of use and setup, clarity of the monitor and display size. A dependable system that allows mom and dad to get the best viewing experience possible, this monitoring system by Motorola is a must-have for any parent.

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