How To Get Pretty Toenails

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The feet are our stable connection to the ground and carry us through our lives reliably. Yet it is not only during extreme hikes, but even during normal working days, that we put them under all sorts of stress. They often get the necessary attention only when they are aching, itching or injured.

In this article, you will learn 9 natural tips for healthy and beautiful feet and a video at the end to show you how to clean, shape and trim your nails.

1. Time to get naked

No matter how smart, sturdy or comfortable your footwear is, your feet may still feel uncomfortable. In everyday life, it is often not so easy to do without stable shoes. Still, you should not miss the opportunity to walk barefoot. This is not only good for the feet, but it helps the whole body. Even the immune system benefits from regularly walking barefoot.

2. Down in the tub

A foot bath is relaxing after a long day on your legs, and can be effective even against sweaty feet, athlete’s foot, and other problems, with the right ingredients. For example, nail fungus can be treated effectively with a sodium foot bath.

3. Coconut oil for athlete’s foot

If you have a foot fungus that you caught at the swimming pool or the changing room of the gym, you do not have to go to the doctor. Regular moisturizing with coconut oil works just as well. The antifungal fat not only fights the infection, but also maintains the feet soft and supple.

4. Coffee on nail fungus and stinky shoes

Your shoes smell unpleasant? Just pour some dried coffee inside and let it work overnight. The next morning, the coffee powder will have absorbed the unpleasant odors and can then even be used as a bio-fertilizer.
Also in the form of a homemade coffee soap, soap made of coffee grounds can do your feet good. The ointment works very well against foot and nail fungus.

5. Warm foot cream

But it’s not only sweating feet that can become a plague! If you are one of those people who constantly have cold feet, the warming ginger foot cream is the right thing for you.

6. Rich care for the night

Even if you bathe your feet regularly and maintain them, it is sometimes good for them to get particularly intensive care overnight. With a homemade foot butter, which you apply before going to sleep, the torn cornea will be properly rejuvenated. The next morning, you will get up again with well-refreshed feet.

7. Natural aids against warts

Even with the best care, you may develop a foot wart. In the pharmacy or online, there are numerous radical ways to get rid of warts. But if you prefer to try gentle natural medicine, you will be amazed, for example, by what bananas, apple cider or garlic can do against uninvited viruses.

8. Get rid of chicken’s eye

Just as troublesome as warts are chicken’s eyes, which are caused by persistent pressure on a certain place of the foot. Although it is basically nothing more than keratin formed over the affected skin sites, chicken’s eyes can be very painful. Would you have thought that a simple treatment with onions can help you? You can also use propolis, the bee-building material, against chicken’s eyes.

9. Special tip for hikers

If you’ve ever gone on a longer hike, you know the phenomenon: you’ve been on the road quite a while, but suddenly, your good shoes start to scrub at your feet, creating a bubble on them or making them sore, which makes the rest of your journey almost impossible.

If you see a plantain on the edge of the road, this would be great for your wounded feet, because the plantain leaves are excellent wound dressing! Just place some of the leaves directly on the affected areas or grind them to a mash which you then apply to your sore feet. Ah, what a blessing!