Healthy Snacks for Women

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When I want a snack, I have a weakness for dairy and shakes. Ice cream doesn’t like me though. It goes to my waist and it makes me run to the bathroom to produce an uncomfortable aroma. Sometimes dairy is not a strong allergy, but a deterrent to good health.

Cheese is a good snack in small quantities. For those without lactose intolerance, cheese should be eaten later in the day. Protein in the cheese sustains blood sugar levels, whereas something sugary would make blood sugar levels plummet.

Yogurt is better, especially for women. Women tend to get yeast infections for the most arbitrary reasons. Yogurt is anti-fungal and has good flora in it. The good flora is acidopholus and helps restore the good bacteria in your digestive system. Do not eat yogurt with processed sugar as that would be defeating the purpose and power of the yogurt, but eat it with fresh fruit.

I’ve never been one for bread. Most women are, I’ve heard, but I could never get used to the overfilling feeling that comes along with the dough. Perhaps it was the yeast in the bread that produced that overfilling effect. I suppose that is why crackers is a good alternative to bread. The yeast-less bread can be eaten to the fullness of your desire, meaning, you can stop any time you want.

Edamame or soybean, is a great snack for women to eat. Tofu or bean sprouts added to a salad greatly aids the good health of women because the plant itself contains a chemical mimicking estrogen. Men would not do as well eating this fem-friendly snack. Hurray for something healthy created just for us women.

One snack that all of us could never do without is nut butter. I mean to promote all types of pastes. Peanut butter as well as guacamole. Yes, avocado is like a giant nut (it’s really a berry-but it has nut-like qualities). You may be allergic to peanuts but maybe you can eat avocado. What about cashew butter? Or pistachio paste? I remember eating this Indian desert that was ground pistachio, almond and cashew in the shape of a mini brownie. It was colorful and delicious.

Healthy doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless. You can have healthy snacks that can actually turn into cravings. You will never have to feel guilty again about liking food. Do your body good.