Health Benefits of Speed Golfing

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Speed golf is a sport that combines both the desire of golf and exercise. Speed golf is a sport that will challenge someone’s endurance, skill and strategy. If you love to workout and are limited on time and enjoy golf then this sport is for you.

When it comes to endurance, speed golf is a sport that requires one to run 18 holes through varied topography, so it is essential that you are able to jog or run. One has to hit a perfect approach from 150 yards out and strategically determine the speed to run, the clubs to carry and how to get the lowest time and score combined.

Golf is a sport that is upcoming in popularity and speed golf offers the extra benefit of exercise. What better way to workout than on the picturesque and serene greenery of a golf course.

Speed golf’s objective is to finish a round of golf on foot with the lowest score, the lowest score is when one combines the time it took to complete the round and the number of strokes taken.

There are three ways to play the game;

Lone Runner– Just like the title, it requires one player and the player is allowed a maximum of five clubs a putter.

Tandem– this is where one plays with a partner. Players will alternate playing an entire hole and will carry their own clubs while riding to the next hole. Players are allowed to change their position anywhere between the green and the next tee box. Each player is allowed a maximum of 5 clubs and a putter, but the team can have an unlimited amount of golf balls in the cart. The riding player is permitted to help their partner find their ball, guide their course, rack traps , repair ball marks and tend the flag. However, they cannot carry any of their partner’s clubs.

Best Ball – this is where the teams involve two to four players, all four players hit a ball and then hit again from the best shot. All players have to be present at the best shot before the first players starts hitting the next shot.


Speed golf scoring is calculated by adding the time it took to complete a round of golf and that number is added to the number of strokes taken in that round. An example would be; if it took 50minutes and 10 seconds to finish 18 holes and the number of shoots is 100 then your score will be 50.10+100=150.10

Health Benefits

For people interested in a weight loss program that will not keep you stuck in the gym, a program that offers you a cardiovascular workout, one that adds vitamin D, gives you better sleep, and allows you to meet more friends and most importantly allows you to lose a lot of calories, then speed golf is for you.

Cardiovascular workout – Speed golf leaves you a little short of breath and sweaty which is good for your cardiovascular system. The sport allows one to lower their cholestrol and speeds up their metabolism which in turn makes weight loss easier.

Proper exercise – Speed golf rules ask that the player carries their own clubs and this is good for your bones. Weight bearing exercises can create long, lean muscle mass which can help with the health of one’s skeleton. Weight exercises help prevent degenerating of bones, including osteoporosis.

Plenty of Vitamin D – Speed golf is played outdoors in the sun and this allows the players to get Vitamin D which is essential for strong bones, it regulates the calcium and phosphorous in the blood and regulates skin cells growth.

Sleep Better – When a body is subjected to exercise, studies have shown that this usually helps people fall asleep faster and remain in deep sleep longer, this helps in allowing muscles to repair themselves.

Find New Friends – Speed golf allows you to meet other golfers, hence it is a social game. The game allows you time to chat with friends and studies have shown that making friends helps with the mental outlook and overall feeling of well being.

Unlike the regular golf that takes about 5 hours to go through the 18th hole, speed golf enables one to go through the 18th hole in about 3 hours because one is jogging. Hence it is a quicker way to lose calories and saves time and the same time one gets the same benefits as regular golf.