Pomegranate Health Benefits

Pomegranates are often considered as the healthiest fruit around. This is because they naturally have a large amount, specifically, 20% of your daily value needs, of Vitamin C, as well as large amounts of fiber which has immense effects on the overall health of your bloodstream. The most wanted attribute in pomegranates are their anti-oxidant properties. Antioxidants work to damage a certain type of cell called free radicals, which can damage brain cells. There have also been many other suggested but unproved benefits of the fruit, such as depression prevention. It is highly recommended that you include pomegranates in your diet, as the overall health benefit from them can’t be understated.

Pomegranate Health Benefits from Vitamins

Pomegranates contain over 10 important vitamin and minerals, such as Vitamin C and Potassium. It has nutrients that help breathing, blood pressure, and also helps maintain healthy skin. Furthermore, Vitamin B9 which is also found in the fruit can help prevent birth defects and also revitalizes your blood stream. By eating just one per day, you can get nearly 20% of your overall daily vitamin needs, and improve your immune system by a substantial amount. They are vital for anybody who has a strict and healthy diet plan. Your body needs its regular dose of vitamins in order to keep your blood pressure steady. When your body starts lacking vitamins, it may form unnecessary clots that develop over time and can lead to serious events such as strokes and even death.

Pomegranate Health Benefits from Antioxidants

Free radical cells stick to your brain cells and cause extensive damage over time that often leads to memory loss. Antioxidants are able to destroy these damaging cells and prevent them from causing any more harm. Furthermore, it has been suggested that pomegranates lower your risk of getting cancer, though it cannot actually reverse it. This is due to a specific type of antioxidant found in the fruit that isn’t found in other fruits, even if they contain some other antioxidants. This unique substance is sometimes called a super antioxidant, as it doesn’t just destroy free radicals, but actually seeks them out to destroy them, and in effect helps lower your rate of breast cancer. It has been proven that Pomegranates are the most anti-oxidant and healthiest fruit in the fruit class.

Pomegranate Anti-Cancer Health Benefits

In multiple large research projects conducted over the last ten years, it’s been proven that pomegranate juice helps decrease the occurrence of prostate and liver cancer in mice. In addition, in other controlled research done on mice, not only does it prevent cancer, but once the cancer has formed, it dramatically helps decrease the size of the tumors by blocking out the substance that allows those tumors to grow in the first place. The cancer cells attempt to spread, by using a nutrient that allows them to stick on to your bones. Scientists have confirmed that pomegranate juice also inhibits that protein from functioning, and in effect, stopping the growth of the cancer. These results have also been proposed for humans, though research, at this point, has not been substantial enough to be completely sure. It is vital that the scientific community get behind these findings and continue to research solutions that will affect humans, as prostate and liver cancer kill millions of people every year.

Here is a video showing how to cut open a pomegranate properly.