EdenPure Infrared Heater Vs Comfort Zone Heater

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Quite often I’m questioned which of the two heaters, the Comfort Zone, or the EdenPure is better. Well, both have continued to be in the market and shall remain there as neither can really outdo the other in all aspects. Yet, both have a few differences that need considered when buying one.

The Comfort Zone Infrared Heater delivers better results than the EdenPure as far as heat diffusion and operating lifetime is concerned. This is provided with a new stainless steel diffuser that is 14% more efficient than the competitive makes. The unique infrared heating technology employed by these heaters gives them longer life and the manufacturers claim these to have a life span of 20,000 hours. The EdenPure, on the other hand, uses infrared bulbs that are rated for 5000 hours of working life.

A common feature of both, the comfort zone and the EdenPure is the use of similar type of heat exchanger. Both make use of solid copper heat exchanger to enhance the absorption of infrared heat. Heat exchanger forms an essential part of any infrared heater as it transforms the infrared waves to a bandwidth of 9-10 microns, an optimum level for maximum absorption of heat. The process is called copper ionization.

The quality of heat delivered by The Comfort Zone is healthier, because it does not burn oxygen available in the atmosphere of the room. Therefore, the humidity of air around you is maintained and you won’t experience that dryness, which often accompanies the use of any heater. The Comfort Zone provides comfortable warmth that remains consistent from floor to ceiling.

Both the makes are provided with remote and thermostat, and a fan for dispersal of heat. The design of Comfort Zone Infrared Heaters incorporates a Dual DC fan, the operation of which is very quiet, a feature often found lacking in other makes but very desirable for any domestic device.

On comparing the prices one finds that the Comfort Zone is more expensive, with the most expensive models priced for $400 to $500. However, top of the line models from EdenPure cost 300-400 dollars. The lower end models of both the companies sell for 300-350 dollars.

To sum it all, both the makes are good for domestic applications. However, one should weigh the options and make a calculated decision. Though The Comfort Zone sells at a higher price, it offers better functionality. But, ultimately quality takes priority while deciding for a durable domestic appliance as it takes away the pains of maintenance and repairs.