Dayton G73 Electric Heater Review

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The Dayton G73 Electric Shop Heater offers a ready solution to heat garages, shops or other such large areas that may need additional heat. The temperature of such area are lower because they have lower levels of insulation and have a more direct exposure to atmospheric conditions.

This electric heater takes care of the problem by offering an efficient means of heating without creating any serious risks. It has a lot of inviting features too. Installation of one such piece has indeed increased the level of work efficiency in my garage that had always been so cold prior to its installation. An increased level of comfort helps you to get more output.

Here are some of the technical specifications. It offers a temperature range of 40 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. That ensures warmth on the coldest of days. Its rating is 17,000 BTU, capable of heating areas up to 500 sq ft. Because of the dual air flow system heating is very quick and efficient. Dual means that it has a vertical and a horizontal air flow as well. It is provided with bracings fir being mounted on the ceiling.

Safety and energy efficiency are two vital factors that can’t be ignored and Dayton has both. There is a thermostat to regulate the temperature. It is designed to cut off supply as soon as the desired temperature is reached, thus preventing overheating and saving electricity. As there is no internal flame like in a propane heater, it is not as fire hazardous. It works on electricity alone and there are no expenses for fuel to be accounted for.

In case you desire to have an efficient and a safe heating system that will heat on the coldest of days, you should not be ignoring the Dayton G73 that works on electricity.