Bachelor’s Degree Programs at Game Design Colleges

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Bachelor’s degree programs offered at game design colleges can provide a student with the advanced computer and animation skills that are needed in order to create video games. The bachelor’s program is intended to provide a student with the creative abilities and technical skills needed to produce, create, and develop these as part of a design team.

Game Design Colleges: Overview of the Bachelor’s Degree Program

Game Design CollegesClasses offered at game design colleges will help a student to utilize the technology that is necessary to create working and moving characters and to create storylines and playing strategies. Many design programs will also provide training in programming, including production and coding elements of the industry. One of the goals of this four-year program is to encourage students to create and build their portfolios, which they can later use to secure employment.

Individuals who are interested in enrolling in this type of program will need to have a GED or high school diploma in order to qualify. They will also need to submit a sample of their work or a portfolio, and must have strong drawing skills. These advanced design programs will combine technical design classes with artistic classes. Some of the core topics will include color theory, 3D modeling, character modeling, project management, game play and design, storyboarding and scene design, and layout.

Top Video Game Design Schools

Game Design Colleges2The Rhode Island Design School offers a master’s and bachelor’s degree program in video game design and computer programming. The master’s degree program specializes in both gaming and graphic design.

Yale University offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in graphic design and 3D animation. Typically, a six to twelve month internship will be part of the graduation requirements.

The school of Art Institute in Chicago offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs in video game design. Final projects will typically include the completion of a functioning video game or software program.

The University of Michigan offers a game development track as part of the bachelor’s degree in computer science program. This will provide a student with the principles of computing and computer technology. It will include information in drawing, computer graphics, AI technology, game development, and virtual design. Students will also learn about character development and storyboard layouts.

The computer gaming and simulations bachelor’s degree program available at Davenport University in Michigan will provide students with broad computer programming training. A student will learn how to work in a corporate environment and work as a team member. Students interested in the field of game design can enroll in classes in game theory, 3D modeling, graphic illustration, game development and software illustration.