12 Reasons you should be eating more vegetables

  1. Vegetables are naturally low calorie
  2. For an immune system boost, helping keep illness away
  3. They are a colourful addition to your plate
  4. Vegetables provide the fibre you are missing in your diet
  5. Most vegetables are low sodium (salt)
  6. They will help look after your eye sight
  7. Vegetable cellulose helps clean the inside of your body and release toxins
  8. Eating more vegetables helps reduce the risk of diabetes
  9. Vegetables contain the B Vitamins that your body does not produce: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6
  10. A challenge: try only cooking with vegetables for a week!
  11. Eating vegetables helps keep your skin clear
  12. You can grow them yourself, then they are close to free 🙂


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