10 Cool Summer Health Tips for Men to Beat the Heat

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The summer is on and here are 10 summer health tips for men to beat the summer heat:

1) Apply SPF 15 sunscreen or those greater. Apply it all over the body parts that are exposed to the sun such as the balding part of the scalp and the back part of the neck. The sunscreen helps in protecting you from the damaging and skin endangering effects of the sun’s rays thus providing you a healthier skin appearance.

2) Wear clothes which are woven tightly to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays as well as it prevents it from penetrating into the fiber of the clothing.

3) Stay cool and hydrated. Always drink plenty of liquids and keep hydrated always. To keep you also hydrated and as well give you a healthier benefit, drink also fruit juices such as those fruits rich in Vitamin C because these does not only keep you hydrated but it also make you alert mentally.

4) Wear a hat or if you can as men, wear an umbrella to protect you from the heat of the sun.

5) Reduce avoid intake of spicy foods. Spicy foods increases acids in the body as well as it increase the heat temperature of the body.

6) Avoid intake of alcohol, coffee, or tea. Alcohol has contents that is absorbing the body liquids and should be avoided during the summer. Caffeinated drinks such as the coffee and tea should also be avoided during the summer, not that these drinks are hot which increases the body heat, but it also contains caffeine which causes dehydration. Another bad effects of these is when taken on an empty stomach, it can cause several other kinds of disease.

7) If possible, wear cool and open shoes or footwear.

8) Spend some time going and staying to cool air conditioned places to neutralize the body heat increased by the hot summer weather.

9) Be less active during the and be more active, in contrary, during the evening.

10) When you feel the symptoms of dehydration, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of cold water or cold juices and apply also cold compress to keep your body temperature down. Consider calling for the help of medical practitioners if the need arises.