10 Beauty Boosting Supplements for Hair, Nails, and Skin

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25% Thicker Nails,

30% Stronger Skin,

and 36% Thicker Hair.

You can iron, hydrate, and exfoliate all you want– there’s no way around the fact that our hair, skin, and nails are a reflection of our internal health.

No matter what your visage says about your health, there’s more than just cover-ups and polishes to make us look (and–gasp! –even feel) like the glowing gods and goddesses we were destined to be.

With the right balance of vitamins and minerals, stronger, longer and shinier hair, skin and nails are yours to enjoy. Read on to learn a few simple additions to your vitamin routine that can indeed make you feel the I woke up like this confidence that outlasts even the strongest of concealers.

It’s never too late to optimize your body and glow. Ditch the potions, tricks, and empty promises and get back to basics with these scientifically proven, beauty-boosting vitamins and supplements.


Biotin is typically the main ingredient in hair, skin, and nails supplements, and there’splenty of research to support the fact that it works. In patients with thinning hair, researchers found that biotin supplements resulted in a 36.8% average growth after 90 days. Countless women have reported increased growth and strength of hair after taking biotin, which works to maximize the production of critical hair-strengthening proteins. In another Swiss study, people with brittle nails who took biotin over a six-month period had 25% thicker nails.



Collagen is another beauty supplement that plays an important role in keeping our skin healthy and strong. There are several types of collagen out there, some of which work for joint health. If you’re looking to improve the look of your skin, be sure to stick to type 1 collagen. In a study done by the University of Kiel in Germany, women treated with type 1 collagen had an average of 7% more skin elasticity in 4 weeks, the study also showed that some women, especially those over 50, experienced up to 30% more elasticity after eight weeks of daily treatment.

Fatty Acids:

Essential Fatty Acids from fish oil, EPA, or flaxseed oil (a vegetarian alternative) supplements are full of the omega-3 fatty acids we need for glowing, supple skin. Studies have also shown omega-3’s to help our skin protect itself against the damaging effects of UV-radiation in sunlight, making it an excellent way to prevent the free-radical damage that all too often causes signs of aging. Omega-3s also nourish hair follicles, ensuring a strong foundation for every strand. If you want longer, shinier hair and nails, don’t ever skip the fish oil.


Iron & Vitamin C:

Iron is essential for keeping blood flow optimal and giving your skin the youthful exuberance that everyone wants. Iron is pivotal for transporting oxygen through the blood, which is why people with anemia tend to have a dull, tired appearance. Vitamin C has a whole host of beauty benefits all on its own (like strengthening skin and keeping it clear), but we tend to get enough of it in our diets to get by, unless we’re iron deficient. Vitamin C improves our absorption of iron, which makes supplementing more efficient, in addition to giving skin a bright and even appearance.

Vitamin A:

Tons of the top-performing wrinkle creams on the market are loaded with a hefty dose of vitamin A, an excellent supplement when it comes to promoting cell turnover. The problem with these vitamin A derivatives, called retinoids, is that they can also irritate sensitive skin. Keeping up a consistent internal supply of Vitamin A ensures that the skin-boosting nourishment you need to stay wrinkle-free is always there, and in the right quantities. From improving blood flow to slowing the breakdown of the collagen and elastin that gives your skin its supple glow, vitamin A is another essential supplement for impeccable skin health.



Biotin, the aforementioned beauty buzzword on everyone’s lips, is vitamin B-7. It’s enormously popular, but the rest of the B-vitamins need their place on your supplement shelf too if you want longer locks and shinier skin. B-vitamins, in general, have incredible antioxidant properties that are widely recommended by physicians and dermatologists for patients with acne. But even if you aren’t a blossoming teen with a bad case of zits, B-vitamins can work wonders for detoxifying the skin of impurities that cause discoloration and inflammation. Goodbye puffy, blotchy skin, and hello clear glow.


Rose Hip Powder:

One double-blind study done by the School of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine in Thailand showed that a daily dose of rose hips resulted in a significant improvement in crow’s feet, skin moisture, and skin elasticity for women in a wide range of age groups. Lab tests done by the same team found increased cell longevity in the blood of women who had taken the supplements.



Flavonoids in chocolate, red wine, and green tea have tons of health benefits that we could write about to no end. According to German researchers, these phytonutrients may work well to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. They have also been shown to help detoxify the skin and boost the effects of vitamins C and E, both essential additions to your beauty routine. So, does this mean guilt-free indulgence in red wine and dark chocolate? Maybe, so long as you don’t overdo it.


Vitamin D:

D Vitamins, especially Vitamin D-3, which can only be absorbed via sunlight, can have and antioxidant and antidepressant effect, as well as promote healthy cell turnover and overall skin health. According to Dr. Mercola, you can’t absorb the best B-vitamins through glass (at that point, you’ll only be absorbing harmful UV-rays, so don’t try cutting corners on this one. Skip the sunscreen for a few minutes and take some time out every day to get some fresh air bask in the sun and enjoy the benefits of the best (and only) free vitamin available.




Zinc is an underrated defender of your skin cells, quietly working to repair damage and prevent scarring. When you have a zinc deficiency, you’re more prone to permanent scarring, sun spots, and other unsightly signs of disrepair. Taking a regular dose of zinc ensures that even the tiniest tears and burns from sun damage, harsh chemicals, or exfoliation can heal up as a fresh new layer of healthy skin.


Luckily, taking all of these beauty supplements takes less time and energy out of your day than the average morning routine. In just a few months, you’ll thank yourself for your au naturel healthy glow. Please consult with your physician before taking any of the supplements we recommend.