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When you think of Africa, you may immediately think of a safari through the great Kruger National Park, but there is much more to Africa that lions and wildebeests. Did you know you could live in a luxury tent with all the bells and whistles including your own gourmet chef and the finest wine, all the while watching wild animals carefully approach a watering hole at dusk?

If glamping is not your thing, don’t worry, Africa has many intrepid outdoor activities including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, visiting the fascinating Okavango Delta in Botswana or getting soaking wet in the mist from the magnificent Victoria Falls at the Zambia/Zimbabwe border.

From the Great pyramids of Giza to the wineries of South Africa, our travel destination blogs will give you all the information you need for budget accommodation, safety tips and details about lesser-known interesting places to see whether you want to visit Fez or cruise down the Nile.

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