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After Mardi Gras, you’ll sometimes wake up wondering, where did these beads come from? The hedonistic, freewheeling joys of Mardi Gras will have you dancing in the streets with these Mardi Gras Party ideas. Drinks, loud celebration and outrageous costumes are the order of the day for this celebration, and the beads are an absolute must. Cocktails are a requirement and learning a few dance moves is a good idea! This traditional event celebrated before the austerity of Lent is popular all around the world. Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, is the culmination of these activities before Ash Wednesday. It’s always one of the wildest parties out there and as the host you can infuse this carefree feeling into your own event. The sights and sounds of the greatest Caribbean party on the planet will have you and your guests shouting, ‘don’t stop the Carnival!’

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