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A simple goldfish or beta fish tank requires little care, but most fish tanks come with a steep learning curve for new owners. Simply choosing the correct tank size takes some research after deciding what type of fish you want. After that, between the filter, pump, and heater, there are many different options, each with its own set of features, strengths, and weaknesses. This site offers guides that help you set up a new tank and learn the necessary monthly maintenance tasks.
After the initial setup, stocking the tank with fish is more fun. Some great fish for beginners include tetras, danios, and loaches, and more exotic options include puffer fish, cichlids, and oscars. For salt water tanks, reefs and lion fish are popular options. Stocking the tank is a project the entire family can enjoy, slowly adding different types of fish over the course of a few months.
While fish tanks do require some work to keep the water clear and odorless, watching fish interact with each other is both entertaining and relaxing. Everything you need to know to keep your tank running smoothly is explained in detail on the pages of this blog.

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