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Whether a tiny Maltese or a 120-pound Great Pyrenees, many dog owners consider their pet a family member. If you are in the market for your first puppy or looking to add to the pack, this blog has information on everything from how to choose a dog breed to training and cleaning tips and advice on food and toy choices.
After doing your research and determining what type of dog fits best with your household, that first year with a new puppy is incredibly important. It is tricky to balance your affection for the puppy with the firmness required to establish household rules and teach doggy manners. The work does not end there, though. Even with the most well-behaved older dog, there are challenges like dealing with a wet dog after a trip to the park or managing fur during shedding season.
While they do add some complication to life, dogs bring far more happiness into a household, and most owners just want to give their dog the best life they can. A quick internet search, though, demonstrates all the conflicting information about dog food, treats, timing of spaying or neutering, and training methods. This site provides a resource that cuts through the confusion with clear and accurate information that enables you to make the best choices for your dogs.

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