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While cats have a reputation for being loners, many cat owners would argue the opposite is true. Between chasing laser pointers and curling up in their owners’ laps, kittens and older cats quickly become part of their households. Cat owners are faced with some important decisions early in a kitten’s life, particularly regarding declawing and the timing of the spay or neuter procedure. The pages on this blog provide advice for cat owners at every stage of a cat’s life.
It is very difficult to actually train cats, but they are usually naturally well behaved and lower maintenance than other pets. Simply showing a new cat or kitten the litter box is all the training it needs. However, since these pets are excellent climbers, basically no place in the house is unreachable. This means that owners need to be mindful of different plants and materials that are toxic to their cats.
Also, indoor cats can potentially live up to 20 years, so an owner most likely will be faced with a minor feline health issue at some point. Some common issues are urinary tract infections and oily fur conditions. This site is a resource for dealing with these problems as well as games and activities to help keep your pet active and healthy.

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