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From prep work to serving to cleanup, there are a variety of tips that can make throwing a dinner party less stressful and more enjoyable. Sometimes you can get so involved and worried about the to-do list that you forget that the purpose of the dinner party is to enjoy good food and good company. Whether you are inviting people you have known for decades or getting to know some new neighbors, dinner party preparation does not need to be overwhelming.
This site is a resource for helping with every step from choosing the guest list and menu to adding tasteful decorations and centerpieces. While some hosts keep it simple with a favorite meal they have made many times, others want to show off their culinary skills, crafting multiple-course complex meals. Both approaches do have their benefits and deterrents, and each host can determine their own menu taking into account their own comfort in the kitchen as well as available prep time.
We offer tips for situations that may come up during the dinner party, like a host’s worst nightmare, the awkward silence. With a little extra planning, these situations can turn around and end up in a night of good conversation and new friends or new memories with old friends.

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